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Summer Banff E-Bike Rentals E-MILANO 2022 and Fusion Powerplay

Banff E-Bike Rentals

Introducing our collection of e-mountain bikes and e-town bikes at Bear Street Outfitters. Experience enhanced ride quality and a powerful drive system that truly emulates a genuine biking experience. Our bikes are ideal for self-shuttling on all mountain trails, maintaining flow during descents, and enjoying energizing casual lunch rides. The very best in Banff e-bike rentals! 

high performance Banff Ski rentals

Great availability

With plenty of bikes to choose from, we are the place to go for your high performance equipment. Our wide range offers you an enormous choice for your perfect summer holiday. 

high performance Banff Ski rentals

Free helmet with rental

Safety is important to us and therefore every rental booking comes with a free helmet rental.